Vrijheid van Meningsuiting!

Who am I, and why is this site here?

Ich heiße S. Student, logician, programmer, mathematician, linguist, engineer, athlete, audiophile… so on and so forth. You can read more about me at about.

This site is here mainly to provide a place to host projects of mine and other things of interest.

Verbing weirds language.

This site is running werc, the suckless, minimalist, and sane web anti-framework, 'built following the Unix and Plan 9 tool philosophy of software design'.

This theme is based off of an old version of the suckless.org website. The logo for the site is the Canadian Maple Leaf, prominently featured on the Canadian flag, one of my favourite national flags. The image used for it is lifted from the virtual sandbox of Thayer and Libby Williams, cinderwick.ca.